Me, working on a video for my blog
Weight Loss Journal
July 16, 2017

Wimbledon 2017: Lessons we can all learn from Venus Williams & Roger Federer

Me at St Pancras Station, Kings Cross, London. Salty face and tired legs after jogging…
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Ladies Day, Ascot 2017
Weight Loss Blog
June 26, 2017

Royal Ascot, Ladies Day, 22 June 2017 and nearly 20 lbs up

Not the girl with the pearl earring Date: Today, Monday 3 July 2017 and I have…
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Dieting dllemna
May 31, 2017

Dieting dilemna – are crash diets truly as bad as people say for our metabolism?

Having been distracted as opposed to entertained by life, towards the end of May I…
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