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Prepping for an outing
Prepping for an outing

Prepping for an outing

Date: Sunday 2 April 2017
Current weight: 159 lbs (Yes, my scales are still in storage)

Bio-identical HRT still seems like the magic bullet presumably because with my hormones back in balance I will be able to lose weight effectively like I used to when I was younger. On the other hand based on my research it costs about £300 plus VAT to have an initial consultation for bio-identical HRT in London and I would kick myself if I went through all the trouble and expense only to find out that I could have achieved the same by tweaking my diet and exercise. I do not resent paying medical bills at all. For one thing, 3 of my siblings are doctors so I have always had goodwill towards the profession. However I know that no matter how hard a doctor tries to help, success is not guaranteed so the possibility of failure has to be taken into account in doing the initial cost-v-benefit analysis.

I believe that part of the reason that menopause is such a tricky subject today is the underlying message that it gives to women that their useful lives are most probably over. I do not think or believe for a second that woman’s life is over when she goes through menopause and more importantly we must not give this message to younger women. The more we talk about menopause openly and find solutions to the symptoms, the better. What we need as women is better education about our bodies.

I remember in Nigeria looking up to women of my mother’s generation and thinking how elegant and beautiful some of them are. I gather that some African women do not have as many menopausal symptoms because of their diet and lifestyle. Apparently eating yam plays a role in boosting progesterone levels and reducing menopausal symptoms.  I read that in Asia, almost half of women of menopausal age do not experience significant symptoms because of their diet and lifestyle.

While we would all like to sail through the change with ease and dignity that would be reassuring for younger generations of women the fact does remain it can be a challenging time in a woman’s life.  Women like Angelina Jolie who have had menopause brought on earlier due to her decision to have surgery to safeguard her future health are said to suffer worse symptoms as a result. In Angelina’s case, having lost her mother to cancer she was determined to stay healthy for her own children. However, I know women with up to 6 children can feel devastated by the loss of their ability to have more kids and I also know lot’s of women who are devastated to reach menopause having never been able to become mothers. Each woman’s journey is unique and different.

So far as concerns my weight loss journey I choose not to see it as all doom and gloom and I continue to make progress. I find that when I miss exercise sessions I don’t feel as good. I love the fact that my body and mind both miss exercise. I also like the fact that I crave healthy things. This is a big change with my attitude and taste buds. I want to drink more water, and eat food that is nutritionally dense. I no longer envy people that are eating naughty things like fried and sugary foods. If I eat sugary foods my body reacts so badly that saying no to sweet treats or eating only tiny portions of these has become so much easier. I still have to watch myself for triggers and a big one for me remains white Basmati rice.

I have gone through a period of listening to too many people and following too many ideas at the same time. I don’t want to ever stop listening and learning but I want to see through any programme and idea before jumping to the next new thing. I have been enjoying my exercise a lot this year but unusually for me I have now suffered two colds. The first was pretty bad and knocked me for six. The second cold, I developed right in the middle of March and learning the lessons from the first cold, I slowed right down and stayed away from the gym until 30 March 2017 when I had a lovely workout balancing cardio and strength training exercises. I had a shockingly stressful week prior to developing the second cold.

I continue to vary my exercise and I have been changing it up as much as possible including incorporating dancing and strength training. I love to dance so adding this to my exercise routine is a no brainer. Please look out for my dance videos that I plan to start posting in snippets to start with. I gather that strength training not only helps with developing and maintaining muscle tone, but with compensating for declining hormones in women my age.

I have been told by at least 3 people that I don’t eat enough so I want to try to add more healthy smoothies, salads and vegetables to my diet each day. I don’t have time to make them so I am planning to make more trips to the supermarkets. I will continue to cook and store healthy things on weekends to eat during the working week. Dancing has been so much fun and I plan to post some fun videos to my YouTube channel so do stay tuned so you can watch and hopefully hit the dance floor with me.

You might be wondering what I have decided to do concerning bio-identical HRT; well I have decided to jump in doing a DIY home made version. I am compiling a list of all the natural supplements that are supposed to help balance female hormones and find a way of incorporating them in my diet. I have already started experimenting with things like ground flaxseed with my yoghurt for breakfast. If this does not work for me I will consider having a consultation with a specialist doctor for bio-identical HRT. For now it will be home remedies.

Don’t forget to look out for my dance videos but more importantly please join me on the dance floor wherever you are! 🙂

Until next time it’s


his breakfast of yoghurt, wild blueberries & ground flaxseed was so delicious that I had eaten half of it before I remembered to take a picture for my blog.

This breakfast of yoghurt, wild blueberries & ground flaxseed was so delicious that I had eaten half of it before I remembered to take a picture for my blog.


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Full time legal aid lawyer (solicitor & founding partner) and part time blogger and founder of The YoYo Chronicles an account of my trials and tribulations as a yo yo dieter as I work towards a stable healthy weight.

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  • sharon leonardi says:

    am looking forward to yor dance video’s and totally agree with what you said about your useful being over after menopause and that is just wrong. In fact it is just beginning we just have to work out how to function with this different body. I am really enjoying your blog. great work.

  • Victoria Nwogu says:

    Thanks Julie. I enjoyed reading and I learnt a lot as always. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey as you start the HRT process. I admit I couldn’t help but exhale when I read you’ll be starting off with a DIY home made version involving dietary supplements. I have a bit of an apathy to drugs/chemicals. Will you not be taking any pills at all?

    On flax-seed, I find myself pushing back mentally against foods that are not native to Nigeria. Don’t get me wrong. I love to explore foods as I explore the world, but from my experience losing weight in Nigeria eight years ago, I felt frustrated at some point that there were no diet recommendations online that were ‘home grown’ or based on our local cuisine. This made me determined to achieve my desired weight loss eating only foods that could be found in Nigeria or at least sub-saharan Africa. I was also rationalizing that if I didn’t have access to foreign foods on the regular and was going to make long term transformations to my lifestyle, it would be more convenient and cost effective to eat locally grown. Living in the UK, this shouldn’t be much of an issue for you. Furthermore, D’Adamo’s book on Eating Right for Your Blood Type reinforced my thinking that we’ve sort of evolved to eat ‘local’ He provided illustrations with the hunter gatherers, Maasai etc. So … I’m wondering like I did in my comment to the last segment of this topic, how did our great grandmothers handle menopause? What did they eat? That said, will you be eating more yams as part of the HRT? Be assured though, that I’ve heard so much good about flax-seed that I think it’s time I gave it attention in my diet.

    I’m also looking forward to the dancing with you 🙂

    • Julie says:

      Hello, Victoria! Thanks very much as ever for your comments. You make a really good point about sourcing products locally. I am also convinced that our mother’s generation have knowledge of healthy, homemade remedies for menopause and I am planning to start by interviewing my mother. I am looking forward to dancing with you too!

  • Good work . Good write up. Makes the struggles of every woman real. Yet it tells us we can surmount them.

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